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The LLC "IMPEX-GRUP" company begins its way in the city of miner's valor - Shakhty. Here on the modern equipment specialists of LLC "IMPEX-GRUP" could develop a unique technique of preparation of carbon-bearing materials and achieved high precision of fractional structures of products in the course of crushing and a grokhocheniye of anthracites.

In the production of carbonaceous materials brand "MET-UGLEROD" used low-sulphur low-ash anthracite coal with high carbon content.

Special attention in the production of carbon-containing material brand "MET-UGLEROD" given the environmental situation. Which has a number of water treatment plants, ensuring no emissions of any pollutants.

Hydroanthrocite of grade “MFZ” 0-2,0 mm
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Hydroanthrocite of grade “MFZ” 0-2,0 mm

  • Wetness up to 1%
  • Ash up to 3%
  • Sulfur up to 4%
  • Fraction 0 - 2,0 mm
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Carbonaceous filter medium of grade
Hydroanthrocite of grade “MFZ”


Energetic Energetic
Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy
Food industry Food industry
Coal mining industry Coal mining industry
Chemical industry Chemical industry
industrial water supply industrial water supply
The sports complexes equipped with swimming pools The sports complexes equipped with swimming pools

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The unique properties of coal anthracite

The unique properties of coal anthracite

Anthracite is the most ancient of fossil coal. Externally it has a rich black color and a noticeable sheen. Today anthracite is widely used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, power industry,...

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Carbonaceous material brand "MET-UGLEROD" is intended for use in metallurgical and other industries. In its manufacture are used for an anthracite mined in the mines of Donetsk coal basin. In...

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